Whether looking into the mysterious, magical and mystical, divining our place among the stars, or reconciling ourselves, all we see are attempts to understand and convey as it actually was a universe just beyond our grasp. Many of these attempts were at the Dawn of Science, the Age of Enlightenment. We are now in the first chapters of the Space Age. Every day we are expanding our dome of interest closer to the ever expanding edges of the universe. But our enterprise is not only in interstellar space. The cosmologies we need to make sense of are as much astrophysical as they are personal and individual. As we zoom out, we are also looking in. 
In order to better learn about worlds beyond ours, we must first learn about ourselves. Anaximander, an orbiting research station, is at the same time our tool for admiring the past, the future, and our present. In it are assembled the bits and pieces of our collective mythical experience, from the ancient light of distant stars to the nascent glow of our ancestral home. There we can read the tomes, manuscripts, codices, grimoires, enchiridia, and bestiaries of our world, past examples of imminent knowledge. There we can look out and see new views of past light from worlds we have yet to know. There we can experience physical sensations that through their unique nature, tie us to our fellow man. It is from there that we can look in, look out, and feel.
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