The Simeon Audita is a portable soundfield system, for use in classrooms and auditoria. It is 50% lighter than comparable portable systems thanks to its high efficiency amplifier, new battery and dual neodymium speakers.
Despite its small size, Audita packs a serious acoustic punch. Its powerful 40 Watt amplifier will cover even large classroom spaces. Its dual speakers allow for enhanced vocal quality, a feature which is supported by the option for either a dual channel digital or UHF receiver. This allows for multiple uses, everything from a fun karaoke duet to an pass-around discussion in a large lecture hall.
The curved lines of the system take advantage of the manufacturing system, and make for a product that is more comfortable to hold and carry. A desire to integrate the handle into the global form while maintaining a delightful shape led to its bold prow and distinctive face. Its two blind facades and protective shoulders allow it to be pushed to the back or the corner of a room and still provide full functionality and I/O port access. without taking centre stage.
The Audita is available in Canada, the US, Germany, and parts of South America at http://simeoncanada.comĀ 
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