Installation and collaboration with Sanders Fellow Farzin Lotfi-Jam as part of _FinalFinalFinal, the Taubman College 2014 Fellows Exhibition. 7-axis robotic fabrication of indexing mechanism for custom slides. This interactive installation was intended to become an operative ruin through its use. By removing slides from the installation, it would deform and collapse, fulfilling its purpose but destroying itself. 
After an initial research period of agent based desing studies that developed the structure adn sorting mechanism of the archive, we settled on a final, tripartide diagram. This diagram was used to catalogue the three branches of Lotfi-Jam’s graphic research, namely UNESCO, Hairy Value, and Elvis, around three nodes. These were emphasized by a lower plastic level of prominent dongles, and then supported by an upper layer of sweeping, structural curves. Over the course of the exhibition, as visitors pulled slides from the archive to examine them with the slide projectors, the installation slowly collapsed and fell apart.
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